27 Heeps (Jeeps) of Garbage That Don't Deserve a Waive

If you've ever driven a Jeep, you'll know about the "Jeep waive." It's a fun gesture among what might be the tightest-knit car-owning community out there. But these abominations of the brand don't deserve a waive and should be off the road altogether. Check out these 27 heeps of garbage. 

A few weeks ago we shared a gallery of trashy lifted pickup trucks that can't see where they're going. It got quite a bit of pushback from pickup owners, and I'm here to say first and foremost that I like Jeeps. From a rugged Wrangler to the most luxurious Grand Cherokee – even the Wagoneer as much as it's obnoxious – Jeeps have always remained committed to their off-road roots. Knowing that any stock standard Jeep around you is ridiculously off-road capable is pretty cool, and should be praised in an era of brands conforming to whatever the latest money-making trend happens to be. So when you swap out your Jeep's tires for low-profile chrome garbage, it's an abomination to what makes a Jeep cool!

And to those survivalist dudes turning their Jeeps into something fit for armageddon, you don't look intimidating or militaristic. The original MB Jeep is one of the most successful military vehicles of all time in part specifically due to its simplicity. So please, unless you want to turn your Jeep into a heep, leave it how it was meant to be. 

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