26 Pics and Memes to Make You Say 'Hold Up!'

When you do a double take, it's either because you can't believe what you just saw, or you want to see more of it. These 28 images fall right in the middle of that spectrum and show questionable posts and comments that make you stop what you're doing, and take a closer look. In short, things that make you "hold up."

"Hold up" used to be a phrase primarily used to imply homosexual behavior, but in our much more accepting world, it has been expanded to express shock at anything deemed taboo. In this gallery, plenty of "hold up" moments include implied acts of infidelity. For example, one photo of a well over six-foot son and well under six-foot dad includes the comment, "Genetics, of course, play a huge role, but other things such as having a cheating mother play into the equation as well." 

A different photo shows an 18-year-old babysitter celebrating the brand-new car her employer's family just bought her. Viewers couldn't help but to "hold up," and wonder if that car was hush money for something much more sinister. 

Check out those, and 25 other crazy images you'll have to look at twice, because they make you "hold up."

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