32 Images That Look Like A.I., But Aren't

It's getting harder and harder these days to tell what's A.I.–generated and what's real. But these images are all real. Right? Truth be told, sometimes it's best to assume that what you're looking at is fake until proven otherwise, instead of wrongly jumping the gun. From the Pope's white puffy jacket, to Gumbo Slice kickboxing an alligator, to Steve Harvey drinking his sorrows away, people are quick to fall for images created by AI programs like Midjourny or Bing. 

But sometimes real photos can look fake too; images that we can't believe are real, either for their content, their look, or both. Does Michael Cera with spiked-up hair posing for photos with the women from "Jersey Shore" make sense? No of course it doesn't, but it really happened. 

However, none of these real photos quite capture the non sequitur spirit of AI images like Jeff Bezos eating a piece of Iguana. I'm not even sure if I want to know the context there. 

As more and more of the crazy photos that cross out feeds are computer-generated, it's nice to know that the real world can still chalk up a doozie every now and then. Here are 27 out-of-context photos that look like A.I., but are completely real... we think.

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