27 People Who Failed at Their One Job

Not everybody can be trusted to get the job done, but some people are even less reliable than others. This gallery is dedicated to all of the slackers who can't even get their single responsibility completed. Be it construction, ad design or digital media construction, these 27 folks messed up in some pretty face-palmable ways. 

For example, one photo here comes from an interview with a supposed anonymous government operative. Except, while his face is appropriately disguised, his name is prominently shown for all to see. Whoever was in charge of the onscreen display obviously only got half of the "be discreet" message, and completely exposed the news station's source. 

When it comes to putting the wrong information on screen, Reddit has also fallen victim to a little bit of mixed messaging. While its new "monetization for upvoting power" system is highly unpopular, it's also completely backwards, at least in one screenshot here. Bundled deals typically cost less than individual purchases on a per item basis, but the opposite is true here; not that it matters. Nobody wants Reddit's dumb upvotes. 

Check out those, and plenty more examples of people failing at their one and only job. 

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