27 Sleepy Memes For People Who Can't Get Out of Bed

I'm sure you've experienced this feeling before: 

You have a big day tomorrow, so you decide to be responsible and go to bed early. Instead of lying awake meaninglessly scrolling for hours, you actually set your alarm and hit the pillow for some quality Zs. For once, instead of tossing and turning in terror from your sleep paralysis demon, you fall into a deep and soothing sleep, filled with dreams of fairies and sugar plums. "I'm finally going to have the energy to get everything done tomorrow," you think to yourself. That is, until your alarm goes off, and you're hit with the all too familiar freight train of oppressive eyelid heaviness and lethargy.

Why even try to sleep a healthy amount when you can't tell the difference between ten hours of sleep and four? And how will you ever find the motivation you need to succeed in life when it's so hard just to get out of bed? Well, I don't have the answers for you, but I do have a collection of 27 sleepy memes, or "eepy" as the kids are calling them these days, that I'm sure you'll relate to. Just because you're down, doesn't mean you have to be alone in that feeling. 

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