27 Things People Learned and That Had to Share Right Away

Have you ever learned a new bit of information that felt like it was burning a hole in your mouth? You just had to tell somebody, and you ran around like a chicken with its head cut off until you could? That's what happened to these 27 people in this Ask Reddit thread, who shared the cool fun facts they'd just learned that had them obsessed. 

It makes sense that humans speak different languages and with different accents. We've all developed our unique dialects through different systems and in different times and places. But could that logic extend to lower-brained creatures? Apparently, it does, and whales and even cows have their own regional dialects. Who knew that a moo in South Wales is probably indistinguishable from a mooer in Vermont?

Are you feeling a hole in your pocket after all of your holiday shopping? Well apparently, for 25 to 30 percent of people, that hole is not yet plugged. According to one person here, many people have trouble paying off their holiday shopping and are still walking around with their festive debts unpaid. If you feel like telling people either of those facts, check out the rest of these 27. 

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