28 Choosey Beggars Where the Entitlement Is Palpabale

When you need something from someone, it's best to be reasonable. Unfortunately, that's not a lesson these entitled people ever learned. 

They say beggars can't be choosers, but these 28 people certainly tried. Be it Facebook marketplace haggling, requests for babysitters or artisan exploitation, these folks just don't understand that sometimes you have to pay for what you want. And heaven forbid the person contacting you is a single mother around Christmas time who has promised what you're selling to their child as a gift. If you don't give it to them, then that child's sadness is on you! And while it's quite possible that some of these text exchanges come from flippers trying to secure better deals for themselves and their re-sales, no flipper is using fake children to get a tattoo artist to lower their rates. God forbid you agree to pay a babysitter what they're actually worth! Nobody is going to watch your kids for an entire week at beck and call for $125. Do you realize what that converts to in hourly rate?

But as annoying as these people are, the old saying proved true. Of all the choosy beggars, not a single one of them got their wish.

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