28 Famous Internet Rumors That Turned Out to Be True

There is no shortage of crazy rumors on the internet, but every now and then one of them has an element of truth to it. Here are 28 famous internet rumors that turned out to be spot on. 

In the 1980s, Tim Burton made a version of Hansel and Gretel that appeared on television one single time during the Halloween season. The one-off showing would have been completely forgotten, however, had it not been for one Redditor. "I heard it was fake but I knew it was real because my dad recorded everything in the 80s," u/Frozenthickness wrote. After getting a friend to convert it from VHS to DVD, the movie made its way onto the internet. "I know it's our copy because the tracking in the beginning is [messed] up." Thanks to Frozenthickness, one more work from a legendary director lives on. 

Speaking of legendary artists, many people speculated for years that the music to the 1994 "Sonic 3" video game was made by the one and only Michael Jackson. However, everything was kept under wraps to avoid breaching Jackson's studio contract. Lo and behold it was all true. The tracks themselves however were ironically sung by an impersonator. 

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