27 Friday Facepalms to Finish the Week

It's Friday, and that means it's time to end the week by laughing at everything that went wrong. Like most weeks, quite a few people had things that didn't go to plan, and it's our job to make fun of them. So here are 28 Friday facepalms to finish the week in style.

This weekend edition of fails features scintillating topics like the accidental outing of a secret agent, and a gross miss-interpretation of the book, Frankenstein. How do people not realize by this point that the monster is misunderstood? Like, it's the angry mob that are the villains, not good old Frankie. Perhaps this week's biggest facepalm however comes, quite predictably I might add, from the "Flat Earth Believers." While holding an in person rally, the curvature deniers decided to partake in a "lettuce eating competition." To each their own I suppose, but when your whole personality is denying a scientifically irrefutable fact, I'm going to make fun of you for stuffing your face full of iceberg. The concept on its own is hilarious, but the photo is full blown facepalm hall of fame material. 

Check out that, and 27 other fabulous fails to start your weekend out in the best way. 

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