28 History Memes You Won't Find in the Classroom

These history memes are not fresh, but they're definitely factual. History is in the past, and translating it for the next generation to understand is just as important as making sure we have our facts right. That's why this gallery of 29 historical images recounts history in the form of memes. 

Memes might not be the best way to learn specific dates or geopolitical climates, but they do a great job in conveying the general feeling of a certain person or event. There's a reason why we relate to work memes, relationship memes and other meme types so much. It's no secret that kids these days have short attention spans, so if we want them to learn history, we might have to keep an open mind towards using memes as a tool. 

These memes touch on everything from the fires of Pompeii's disasterous rescue attempts, to India's critical and unappreciated contributions in helping the allies win World War II. Did you know that India provided more volunteer soldiers than any other nation? No, I bet you didn't, and that's why history memes are so important. Here are 29 history memes that might not be fresh, but they're definitely factual. 

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