27 Polar Express Memes Leaving the Station

When people talk about their favorite Christmas movies, they usually bring up classics like It's a Wonderful Life, Meet Me in St. Louis, or even Elf. Unfortunately, very few people bring up Tom Hanks's iconic 2004 family adventure adaptation of Chris Van Allsburg's timeless children's book, The Polar Express.

But recently, inspired by its dated animation style and natural charm, many holiday movie viewers have revisited the odd flick and made some memes in the process. With Tom Hanks voicing six of the film's characters, there is undoubtedly some fantastic acting pedigree and performances on display from start to finish, but that's not what people remember. They remember a main character with a face to forget, eyes that stare like death, and an ice train driving scene more fit to the Tokyo Drift soundtrack than to Alan Silvestri's score. (Fun fact, he did the music for Back to the Future too.)

So if you're looking for a fun movie for the whole family this holiday season, why not give this not-so-timeless classic a try? Or you could check out these ice-cold memes instead. You'll get about the same experience.

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