26 Pricey Blunders That Put a Dent in the Pocketbook

If you're in possession of something that costs millions of dollars, you should probably take care of it. Fortunately for us, that's the opposite of what these 26 people decided to do. 

A brand-new Porsche 911 goes for around $120,000 these days. Crashing into one of those is sure to put a dent in your pocketbook, but crashing your Alfa Romeo over the top of the Porsche and into the side of a Mercedes SUV is even worse. Especially when you're just a mechanic responsible for parking the Alpha. But while that accident was expensive, it's nothing compared to a Honda in New York that had a fender bender with a Bugatti Veyron. Those are going for around $2 million if not more, depending on what you're able to find available. 

But that's chump change compared to an accident at the Goodwood Festival of Speed that saw a Ferrari GTO 250 spin and crash into a tire barrier. Known as one of the most expensive cars of all time, one of those will run you a nice little sum of $50+ million. Still, that's less than one-quarter of the price of a vehicle that had an accident with a tow truck. Of course, I'm talking about a $220 million American Airlines Boeing 767 and its towing vehicle. Here are 26 pricey blunders. 

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