28 Holiday Travel Memes to Help You Get Where You're Going

Whether you're using cars planes or trains to get from point A to point B, they all deserve to get memed. Traveling can be stressful no matter what your vehicle of choice is, but hopefully, a few relatable memes can take the edge off before the worst travel weekend of the year. 

It's no secret that the United States is more averse to public transportation than just about every other country in the developed world. Believe it or not, New York is the only county in the entire United States that sees more commuters use public transportation to get to work than solo driving their car. (There are a few communities in Alaska that walk to work because they live close enough, and driving is impossible.) If only we could tip the scales just a little bit, not only would there be major positive environmental and socioeconomic impacts, but driving quality would improve as well. 

But no matter how much driving can stink sometimes, we still feel like it's better and safer than flying. Of course, it's not safe, but at least I won't lose my own bag in my trunk. Going anywhere is tough, but to avoid letting the stress of traveling slow you down, get there with these transportation and traveling memes. 

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