22 Random Memes With a Few Pics Sprinkled In

Today is an especially tough Monday to stomach, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't start it with a batch of random pics and memes like always.

With the international community in shock after the acts of war in Israel this past weekend, it can be hard to rationalize our mundane daily lives in comparison. What is the point of toiling away at our nine-to-five when other people have to worry about bombs, shelter, medical care, and human rights violations? Even in peace time purpose can be hard to come by; the vampiric properties of late-stage capitalism sap away our ambitions with its smokescreen of the American dream. 

But no matter our struggles, we have consistently turned to one basic coping mechanism for as long as the internet has been around; random pics and memes. So remember that even if the world has you thinking about the possibility of World War Three more than usual, memes aren't going anywhere. Even if every time a truck drives by your house you think for a moment it might be a cruise missile coming to end life as you knew it, know that someone somewhere is crafting the dankest possible text over a stock image. 

So on this toughest of Mondays, here are random memes, with a few pics sprinkled in. 

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