21 Tweets and Headlines That Are Both Funny and Sad

Oftentimes we use humor to help us process our more serious feelings, and these 29 funny images definitely come with a darker tone. 

In many of these posts and tweets, people are lamenting living in a time where they feel misrepresented by their government. Take one post for example, which points out how services like Turbo Tax pay millions of dollars to keep our national tax system just the way it is; confusing. The government already knows how much you owe. Why do we need to keep paying hundreds of dollars to a third party to help us figure it out? The ineffectiveness of insurance is mentioned as well. It can feel pointless spending large sums of money each month for a service that is supposed to act as your safety net but often fails to come through the way you were hoping for when the time comes. 

As for personal matters, plenty of people were both sad and funny about their relationships. A dude embarrassing himself in front of his ex-girlfriend and his new girlfriend after cheating. That's some funny but sad stuff. For more just like it, check out these 29 images. 

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