29 Saucy Randoms to Put On Your Spaghetti

It's been a crazy week, so here are some funny pics memes, and tweets to help you celebrate it. 

Perhaps the biggest story of the past seven days came from the floor of the Senate committee room but surprisingly doesn't involve any senators. Instead, it involved two staffers and an adult video they posted of themselves from their workplace. One of them later took to LinkedIn to claim that he has immense respect for his workplace - which is more than I have - but the act has quickly divided public political opinion.  

Speaking of politics, Joe Biden's motorcade was struck by a drunk driver while The President himself was about to enter a vehicle. After the driver was arrested, it was determined that he was drunk and had no malicious intent. Of all the cars in the world to hit while you're driving drunk, imagine having the rotten luck to hit the presidential motorcade. I guess everyone will think twice before drinking and driving in the vicinity of the leader of the free world again. In light of that random news, check out these fun 29 random pics memes, and tweets. 

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