27 Tantric Tuesday Memes That Go Full Tilt

The release of the GTA VI trailer means that it's a big day for memes, so let's get tantric!

Nothing sets off the broader meme community like a big event in the world of Grand Theft Auto, and this might be the biggest day gamers have seen in a decade! Over ten years since Grand Theft Auto V was released and we finally have a trailer for Rockstar's insanely anticipated GTA VI. Except, the game isn't coming until 2025, and even later if you only plan to play on PC. As one meme in this gallery points out, even though we have to wait, at least we finally have an end date in sight. 

But while the game might be coming out even later than most people anticipated, the trailer came about 18 hours earlier. Rockstar has had a history of leaks when it comes to major announcements, and this trailer was no different. At least we got a whole new topic for the gaming memers to have a crack at. If you're not into GTA don't worry, this gallery has plenty of fun memes of the standard variety, but in the spirit of GTA, it's time to get meme-tically tantric on this Tuesday!

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