29 Cool Photos From Yesteryear

Living through history is tough, but sometimes looking back is a good way to find hope that things will get better. 

Not all of the photos in this gallery are from good times. One is even a World War Two era shot of hundreds of people taking shelter in London by sleeping in an underground station. But while the peoples of Israel and Palestine each go through their own modern version of that terror, we can take a moment and look back at other shots from history that remind us of more positive moments.

One such wartime photo shows soviet soldiers feeding a polar bear with condensed milk. A practice that is not recommended unless you're in a literal tank, which fortunately the soviets are. Other historical photos feature progressive movements like a civil rights march and an old-fashioned weed store. Who knew that the wild west was pro blazing up more than just the dry grass?

Even when history isn't so good, looking back can remind us that humans have an incredible ability to persevere and move forward, in between bouts of warfare. So take this moment to enjoy some historical pics and take a break from living them.  

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