34 Josh Memes Because It's Josh O'Clock Somewhere

If you're looking to post up next to a cozy fire with a glass of affordable merlot this cold season, the internet has a new wine recommendation for you. Actually, you can use it to get exceptionally sloshed too. 

Just over a week ago, Twitter's "professional snack and wine taster" @OptimusGrind__ hit his followers with a wine suggestion. "I’m not gonna keep telling y’all to grow up and leave that Stella & Barefoot alone," he wrote while sharing a picture of Josh Cellars. But it wasn't long before wine Twitter had a thing or two to say about his pick. 

"For non-wine drinkers, this is like someone driving a Hyundai making fun of a Kia driver," @Zujabes said. That tweet racked up 14 million views and helped spark a meme that hasn't just put Josh wine on the map, but made the boring name cool for the first time since Drake's lame other half was its most notorious owner, and I'm calling that a truther!

People are using "Josh" to mean more than just Josh Cellars, and the name has become synonymous with wine and even drinking itself. Soon middle-aged white women everywhere are going to become "Josh moms," with their frat boy sons exclaiming it's "Josh O'Clock somewhere." The Josh revolution is upon us, so pop a bottle and start Joshing around. 

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