30 Pre-Heated Thanksgiving Memes Here Two Weeks Early

Thanksgiving might still be a few weeks away, but that doesn't mean we can't throw some memes in the oven for pre-heating. Other holidays get a buildup, why can't Thanksgiving?

People set up Halloween decorations for weeks before October 31st, and the instant it's over every grocer, pharmacy and department store starts decking the halls and jingling those sleigh bells. Maybe if they're feeling inclusive they'll throw a little menorah in the corner. But why can't we show a little love for the holiday between them that everybody in the United States celebrates? The advent calendar doesn't start until December, so that leaves plenty of November days to gobble gobble everything up. 

Firstly, I'd wager that the majority of people secretly like Thanksgiving as much as any of the other major holidays. What could possibly be bad about shamelessly stuffing your face full of your favorite foods for a fantastic feast? I suppose people with more dysfunctional families might find it a stressful event, but isn't that also true of Christmas? I personally love the idea of giving thanks as a foundation for a holiday more so than some old guy's birthday. For all of the above reasons, here are 30 Thanksgiving memes to get you in the gobbling mood. 

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