26 Random Pics and Memes For Your Peepers

There is no shortage of striking photos to look at in the world right now. Here are a few of those, and a few others too.

It's impossible to throw together a collection of the best photos from the past few days and not reference the truly staggering photos of the world's biggest current event. However, with such a catastrophic situation going on, there is only so much sharable material, and even less that anyone can stomach for an extended period of time. Because of that, this gallery features mostly other cool random photos for your enjoyment, with plenty of lighthearted memes mixed in.

Take a look at a 104-year-old woman break the record for the oldest skydive just a week before her death, or a few of the crazy cars the internet seems intent on sharing. But don't worry, we've saved the viral "pavement princesses" for a different gallery. Finish things off with the sole protestor at Senator Dianne Feinstein's memorial service, and his brutally honest sign. It's surprising that, unlike the senator, he actually had the guts to show up.

So despite the world's current events, hopefully, you can enjoy this sporadic collection of the best pics and memes from the past few days.

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