29 Trending Memes and Tweets From the Past Few Days

Check out the top recent memes and tweets; according to the numbers, and us. 

When it comes to memes, Twitter and Reddit are the places to go, especially the ubiquitous r/memes subreddit. In their own words, they're the "original since 2008," and I'd say that makes them an authority on the subject. Each meme here is one of their top posts of the day, and therefore some of the top trending memes in the world. As for tweets, Twitter is a big place, and often view counts don't equate to quality. With that said, we've tried to gather together a collection of tasteful viral tweets from the past few days that still scratch the itch without crossing the line. I suppose it's up to you whether or not you consider us an authority on those.

These memes and tweets touch on everything from SpongeBob, to the latest Marvel release, The Marvels. Unfortunately, The Marvels has been released as a relative box office flop and is further proof that the once mighty MCU might be on a downward trend for good. I guess it turns out that pumping out droves of mediocre content with no purpose or unifying theme doesn't work. At least we got some good trending memes and tweets out of it. 

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