‘$300 Bottle Service’: 26 Experiences We’re Convinced People Are Only Pretending to Enjoy

Everybody has tastes, and it's important to remember that to each their own, and not everything is made for you. That being said, it's hard to imagine that people actually like everything that they say they do, and the powers of peer pressure and social anxiety are well-documented when it comes to pushing people past their comfort zone. Here are 26 things that we're convinced many folks are only pretending to love. 

If you've ever tried to get in shape, I'm sure you've tried running. It's a thankless and repetitive exercise that seems to cause a lot of pain for not a lot of gain. That being said, runners swear by it and claim their "runner's high" more than makes up for any initial pain. What kind of self-hating train of thought is that? I've even seen collegiate cross-country runners with shirts that say, "Our sport is your sport's punishment." Exactly! So why do you claim to enjoy it?

"Loud bars" are also mentioned on this list, and I have to agree. Going to a bar is fun, and going out dancing is fun, but a weird middle ground with none of the benefits but all of the drawbacks of each seems awful. And why do we have to go at 1 am instead of 8 pm?

See those and 24 other examples of things we're convinced people are only pretending to enjoy. 

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