3.14159 Math Memes to Help You Solve for X

Math is hard, but if you're struggling, we've got some funny math memes to help you regain your love for numbers. 

If you've studied any higher-level math in school, you'll know that math gets fun - and hard - once the numbers go away. All of those arithmetic tricks and long division shortcuts you learned back in 5th grade don't mean a thing now, and I bet your professor has no clue what 13x17 is off the top of his head. As one meme in this gallery points out, you know things are about to get real when the professor gives you three days to do the test, full access to your calculator, and complete freedom to use your textbook and the internet. I once had a test question that multiple professors and the head of the department couldn't solve. They still marked it wrong.

But as with most challenging things in life, we find respite and humor; memes specifically. Therefore, if you need a quick break from trying to find an imaginary number for your very real homework, try giving these 31.4 math memes a scroll. Unlike your abstract homework, they have a very immediate real-world application; making you happy. 

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