32 Great Things Happening in the World That Nobody Talks About

These days, everything we ever hear in the news is about what's going wrong. So why don't we take a moment to appreciate everything going right instead?

Posing the question, "What is something GOOD going on in the world that a lot of people aren’t aware of?" on AskReddit, the Reddit user u/Orikrin1998 tried to counterbalance one of the day's previous darker prompts, "What is something serious going on in the world that a lot of people aren’t aware of?"

"Thank you, OP, for this question," one person commented. "So easy to get caught up in and only see the bad. I appreciate you drawing attention to the good."

Well, what good is happening in the world? Plenty of people turned their answers seawards, towards the oceans' recovering whale populations. Humpback Whales are on the up and up, and endangered species like the Wright Wale have stopped the decline in their numbers. A decrease in international whaling is definitely to thank, but I think you can't discredit fewer English classrooms forcing good old "Moby D" on their students as required reading. If that news makes you feel good, why not take a second and scroll through a gallery of happy headlines? You definitely deserve it.

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