36 Magnificent Pics and Memes to Be Your Muse

If you need inspiration, look no further than this awesome assortment of robust randomness. Creativity can be tough to come by these days, but hopefully, a quick click-through of this wide variety of images can give you something to work with. 

This gallery is a fun mix of cool stuff and random thoughts with some relatable memes mixed in. Have you ever seen a knife that heats up enough to toast bread while you cut it? I haven't, and while that sounds cool in theory I have a hard time believing that it works, or that it's safe enough to be worth the benefit. Doesn't it take a few minutes to toast bread anyhow? I'm not holding a knife still for that long, I'd rather swing it around like a sith lightsaber. 

A different photo shows a sign in a restaurant bathroom teaching customers how to use toilet paper. I would assume that somebody old enough to go out to a restaurant on their own and use their own money to buy food has mastered the art of using the potty. However, I suppose a sign like that only exists because of a prior incident. I'd just hate to be the employee "called" in case of failure. 

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