Thursday Morning Randomness: 32 Trending Pics, Memes, and Tweets That Didn't Make the List

While it might feel like every single prominent world figure found a way onto Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous island, these 32 rad randoms stayed far-far away from the deceased financier and his creepy pals.

Using the "always has been" format, one meme asks the question, "wait, half the world's billionaires are...?" And although painfully tragic to think about, the news that plenty of the most public personalities might have been up to some serious no good is about as surprising as your uncle already failing dry January.

But that list is no fun to think about. In the world of the working, it's the first week back to the office after the holidays, and also the start of Q1. In other words, the perfect time for your corporate jargon loving boss to hit you with ridiculous goals and "targets" that your unreachable bonus depends on. "Let's try not to drop the ball in Q1," one tweet jokes while sharing a picture of a theoretical "happy" manager who you just know thinks is passive aggressive. But if this week has you stressed out, just know that these fun random pics, memes, and tweets have you covered, and you can rest easy knowing they've never been near high society, or sniffed a billion dollars.

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