39 Pics, Memes, and Tweets to Help the Medicine Go Down

If some parts of your life are tough to swallow, then you might need these funny randoms to help you get them down. 

Some facts are hard to wrap your head around. Things like, "It's time to break up with that boyfriend who cares more about his golf stroke than his other stroke," or, "It's time to move on from your dead-end job because the entire rest of your team quit and they pay you minimum wage." It can even be hard to accept that "your mom is having a three-quarter life crisis and hanging out at the local college bar to try and entice drunk grad students instead of sorting out her mortgage as you asked her to." If you relate to any of those situations – or have other things you need a push moving past – perhaps this collection of 40 funny images can help the medicine go down. 

There's no shame in needing help navigating life's big issues, and while therapy is much more effective long term, pics and memes are definitely cheaper and work just as well in the short term. Well... almost. Here are 40 pics memes and tweets to help you swallow life's biggest pills. 

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