35 Interesting Images and Randoms Ripe For Consumption

Apparently, there are volcanos around the world getting ready to erupt, first and foremost the Icelandic volcano "Eyjafjallajokull." Thank goodness for copy-paste, and try saying that one three times fast with a mouth full of ashes.

But while the nearby residential areas have already been evacuated, it seems like the eruptions will refrain from producing catastrophic level effects. We humans can get a little overconfident from time to time, what with us flying around the world in our little flying machines, and going down to visit historic shipwrecks in little submersibles and all. Sometimes we need nature to remind us who's boss, and show us that we're one massive volcanic eruption, meteor collision, or germ combination away from complete annihilation; if we don't do it to ourselves first. These volcanos should serve as an intimidating reminder that we need to appreciate what we have. 

But while the natural world is terrifyingly powerful, it is also awesome and magical. These 37 randoms celebrate through intrigue and humor, the awesomeness of life and how we live it. And just like those volcanos are ripe for eruption, these interesting images are ripe for consumption. So stop worrying about tectonic activity, and enjoy these randoms

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