Saturday Morning Randomness: 51 Trending Pics, Memes and Tweets to Celebrate the Start of Spring

It's Saturday, and you should be feeling jovial about the start of the weekend. To help you get in a happy mood, here is a family-sized collection of random memes and tweets with a few pics thrown in

Yesterday was Groundhog Day, and good ol' Punxsutawney Phil got to do his lazy one-day-a-year job. And hooray! Phil predicted that spring would come early this year, which seeing as we're all trending towards a warmer Earth seems likely. But should we be excited? Punxsutawney Phil is more like "Punxsutawney Fraud," and the blind little hog is apparently correct in his predictions only 39% of the time! You would think the gimmick would sport a 50/50 record at least, but the supposedly immortal rodent obviously hasn't learned anything during his time on this planet. And unlike the movie, he doesn't get any redos. Check out a photo of the little fraud at the start of this gallery.

But back to more positive pics, like "Charlie Duke looking at the capsule that took him to the Moon 50 years" earlier. He's probably wondering, "Why the heck is that the farthest we've gone in my lifetime?" I take it back, everything is bad these days. Enjoy your Saturday. 

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