36 Fails and Facepalms Crushing Your Hope for Future Generations

People will do anything to be hip these days, including sacrificing their morals. Anything for the views! It's sad, but it's a common theme among this group of fails and facepalms

Both sides of the aisle worry about the other corrupting the youth, not realizing that unlimited iPad time and TikTokers are doing it for them. One 9-year-old girl was recently bullied in school because she brought in a fake Stanley water bottle. If you're unfamiliar, the viral bottle can go for upwards of $150, and like something straight out of Mean Girls, if you don't have it you're not fetch. Unfortunately for this poor girl, that barrier meant her fellow classmates never made her feel welcome.

But it's not just students. One child posted in the GenZ subreddit showing a recent test question from his class. The paper asks him to "defend the Chad argument," and includes a picture of the meme. The paper also explains the format by claiming that "Chad is always right," but anyone who's encountered the format in the wild knows that Chad is 50/50 at best. I'm concerned about that teacher's credentials. 

Check out those, and 34 other fails and facepalms that are embarrassments to modern society. 

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