37 Fresh Pics and Memes For Exquisite Minds

It's Monday, which is most people's least favorite day of the week. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but hopefully, this tasteful gallery of fresh memes and pics for exquisite minds can let you down gently. Nothing cushions a fall like a fat bunch of randoms.

This batch of cool photos and funnies features awesome landscapes, architectural marvels, and unique happenings. Take the Japanese Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders, for example, dressed head to toe in Samurai gear. I would say he's just a bit more intimidating than our elderly mustached mascot. There are also awesome scenic shots like the Betsiboka River Delta photographed from the International Space Station and a slot canyon in Utah.

The memes touch on topics from Australian food, to playing with Legos as an adult. I don't know about you, but now that I have the money to buy the Lego Death Star, I'm going to buy the Lego Death Star! To top it all off, we've included photos of a reluctant runaway truck stop, and a man riding a unicycle where he's probably not supposed to. If any of those sound interesting, try lightening up your Monday with these 38 fresh pics for exquisite minds. 

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