38 People Having a Worse Day Than You (We Hope)

When it rains it pours. Life can't be all sunshine and roses, sometimes you get an eye full of lime juice and sometimes a sunburn. But no matter how poorly your day is going, and we hope it's not, these people are probably having it worse off than most. 

Sometimes life just seems to have our number and nothing we do can fix that. If you're having so much bad luck that you feel like you might get struck by lightning, maybe channel that bad luck into your mortal enemy (go stand in their front yard). 

And sometimes there is no reason why bad things happen in our lives. That crazy neighbor who smashed your windshield, yeah they should be locked up. Oh, your baked potato exploded in the oven? Order pizza. 

It isn't the bad things that happen to us that define our lives, it's how we respond to those bad things that make us who we are. So if today isn't your day, pick yourself up and give it another shot tomorrow. 

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