38 Fresh Pics and Memes to Kickstart the Week

It's Monday, so you better tidy up before everyone sees you again. Here are some fresh pics and memes to help you do that. 

If you're like me and enjoy a complete decompression every weekend – devoid of socialization or societal participation – then it might be a good idea to acclimate yourself before you're forced to see the people who help you pay your bills. Fortunately, we have some lively memes and pictures to help you do that; because nothing reflects the true state of society like the day's most popular pics and memes. So if you need a quick reminder of what happened over the weekend and how it felt, try these fun flicks on for size. 

Included here is a smattering of Halloween prep, a literal lawn chair, a mega-mansion, and some memes you'll surely relate to. Have you ever seen a horribly disfigured lemon? I can guarantee it doesn't look at all how you are expecting. What about a '90s New York City pair Halloween costume? I can tell you that it aged about as well as milk on a beach. 

It's Monday, and that stinks. But check out these fun memes and pics to make it all better. 

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