44 Sunday Randoms to Cure Your Hangover

Shake the Sunday scaries by distracting yourself with some totally rad pics memes and tweets. How could you think about work next week when you have to click through all of these images first?

This gallery features a tweet from the popular Pop Crave account announcing that Pikachu was this year's most searched Pokemon. As one response says, "a fork was found in the kitchen." If you ask any random person to name a Pokemon, the odds that they can even name a singular one other than Pikachu is quite low. There's a reason that the iconic "It's Pkachu!" vine exists; nobody knows any others. Of course he is the most searched, who else would it be!?

A different meme puts a Karen in a "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" situation, with the question "who makes store policy?" Unfortunately for the Karen, she probably won't be a millionaire with "the cashiere," "the busboy," and "the phone operator" all as options. You just know she's going to phone a friend and ask to speak to the manager for this one. 

So enjoy your last day of freedom before you have to return to work, and click through these amusing pics memes and tweets. 

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