Sunday Morning Randomness: 37 Fascinating Images and Funny Tweets for Your Entertainment

It's the weekend, which means you have time to look back at the best the internet had to offer from the past week. A great way to do that is through fun random dumps like this gallery of funny pics and tweets

The Italian TikTok star and internet personality Gio Scotti had one of this week's most viral posts when she posted a photo of herself holding a dog with the caption, "Who's a good boy?" In the past we've covered Scotti for forcing incels to question their sexuality, and her "13-year-old boy in ancient Greece" look. This time, it was her own followers bombarding the 16-year-old with creepy comments begging to be her "good boy." Can we just let a teenager try and live her life without forcing her to delete a normal photo of a dog?

Speaking of viral photos, a simple pic of a brownie had people debating the finer points of American politics, as the desert bore a striking resemblance to a hypothetical depiction of a gerrymandered Texas. Just like partisan district lines are eating American representation alive, chocolaty goodness is making me want to devour this brownie. I just want to make sure we all get a fair slice of the pie. 

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