40 Fascinating Photos and Cool Pics for Your Collection

In the modern age of social media, we consume the world through photos. Here are 40 kinda cool ones that you might find a little bit interesting.

Some of the more engaging photos and images of the past week came courtesy of Twitch; specifically when they decided to change their policy to allow artistic showing of the body. Within minutes the family-friendly gaming, vlogging, and general streaming platform had turned into a completely different type of website that I'm sure most of its viewers are all too familiar with. Even so, it didn't take Twitch executives very long to go back on their decision and return it to its natural PG-13, pro-gambling pro-sexism, and pro-harassment state. 

In other image-related news, a Bluetooth-wearing man went viral after taking part in a TikTok street interview. Nobody had seen a Bluetooth headset in the wild in some time, but the man pulled it off in tandem with his leather jacket and long ponytail. Many internet viewers expressed interest in sharing an artisanal mead with him at the pub. These 40 images are both more random and personal than those two stories, but just as worth checking out. 

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