30 Fresh Memes For Exquisite Minds

Fight the Monday scaries with some fresh memes for your exquisite mind.

Monday is here, and that means it is time for another awful week full of boring work, tedious commuting, and everything those two things involve. It's even "Boss Day" for crying out loud, where bad bosses everywhere revel in forcing their work slaves to pretend to like them even more aggressively than they already do.

But fear not, because Monday also means a chance to look at some fresh memes on company time. Why else would they give you a computer? You have an exquisite mind that shouldn't be wasted by the tedious tasks assigned to you by your corporate overlords. It's all meaningless busy-work anyway. No, you should feed that mind with a sizable serving of memes, sure to entertain you with ironic humor and clever subversions of expectation. 

You are most likely tired of hearing about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, and there is a tasteful meme here to honor that feeling. I wonder if Taylor will get hit by the Madden curse. A wonderful combination of the Jada Smith news and a new favorite meme format also appears on this compilation. So strap in because it's Monday, and these are your exquisite memes. 

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