38 Funny Memes, Tweets, and Pics

A nice smattering of the best kind of content the internet has to offer. Could you ask for anything more?

At its core, how many different kinds of content does the internet have? Sure there are thousands of relevant websites, all with their own bells and whistles, but really when it comes down to it you're either looking at pictures, memes, posts, or videos. Unfortunately including videos doesn't really make sense in a gallery like this one, nor is it particularly easy to do. But for the rest, we've got you covered with these 41 funny memes, tweets, and pics. 

These awesome images cover a wide variety of topics from work to relationships to general mental well-being. Have you ever wanted to buy something nice for yourself, only to look at your bank account and realize that your only course of action is saving everything for the necessities? Well, there's a Euphoria meme in here for you just for that feeling. There's also a creepy pic of a raccoon on top of a McDonald's, and a wedding cake fail if you're into those kinds of things. Enjoy those, and 38 other funny memes, tweets, and pics to round out your week. 

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