42 Saturday Randoms to Tickle Your Fancy

What better way to celebrate the best day of the week than with some awesome random pics memes and tweets? Forget about the horrors of the past five days, and enjoy yourself instead. 

To kick us off we have a King Charles meme of him holding The Sovereign's Orb during his coronation. Firstly, that orb serves no purpose other than inspiring Monty Python fans to shout "It's the holy hand grenade" at the top of their lungs. But after counting to three, the meme itself references gift buying; something quite important in the coming weeks. The meme depicts the feeling of finally being rich enough to buy your family presents. Unfortunately, I am neither rich enough, nor creative enough to properly do that yet. 

Another meme references that one friend in every group who asks you to "add wings" to the collective pizza order, knowing full well he won't contribute an extra cent to the pot. Can we acknowledge that ordering food for a group, especially an inebriated group, is the most frustrating task you can undertake? Just eat the pepperoni pizza I got you and stop complaining! 

Hopefully you don't have one of those when you go out and celebrate Saturday tonight. 

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