39 Fun Photos and Amusing Memes For Your Consumption

It doesn't matter why, but if you need to distract yourself for a minute with some memes and pics, we've got you covered. Maybe your boss is giving you a hard time about a project you did exactly as he told you, or maybe your wife has decided to walk around the house with a tape measure and hammer on your day off. Either way, you need a distraction, and we're here for you. 

This gallery of fun photos and funny memes touches on things from military facts to ancient lizards, to school teachings. For example, there's a photo of the Schwerer Gustav, the largest "gun" ever made. Constructed in the 1930s by the Germans, the weapon was designed to destroy French forts. However, it never really saw action and was eventually destroyed by the Germans so it wouldn't fall into American hands. Ultimately it was too big to be effectively deployed. Rumor has it the Russians wound up in possession of massive technology, but never elected to reproduce it. 

A different photo shows the tremendous size of a now-extinct lizard that would have existed in Australia during the time the first human settlers arrived there. It's too bad they didn't have German engineering to build a huge weapon, maybe the lizards would have gone extinct even faster. 

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