42 Trending Pics, Memes, and Tweets Fit for a King

If you're feeling hungry for some distracting randomness, try sampling this collection of cool images and satisfy your craving. There's no better way to entertain yourself while keeping up with the internet than a full-sized selection of pics, tweets, and memes. 

Aside from the release of Rockstar's highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, and a dramatic home explosion in Virginia, one of the internet's bigger talking points from the past few days has been Santa Con. Posting a screenshot of a text conversation to Twitter, one guy shared a conversation between himself and his friend Doug, with Doug asking him if he wanted to go to Sant Con. The guy's response? "Brother, I'm f****ng 30."

Santa Con is an event in New York City attended exclusively by West Chester natives, New Jersians, and Long Islanders so that they can get as drunk as possible while looking ridiculous in Santa Claus costumes. The Twitter user is also correct in pointing out that it's populated by younger drinkers who have yet to figure out how to appropriately act around the opposite gender. I've never felt compelled to attend, but the prospect seems even less appealing as a 30-year-old. Unfortunately, Doug doesn't seem to agree. 

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