44 Fresh Memes and Photos to Hold Your Attention

Entertain yourself with this new grouping of fun photos and magnificent memes. What better way to distract yourself from the monotony of your dumb desk job than with a nice batch of randoms? Sure to hold your attention, there's no better way to procrastinate from what you should be doing.

Two of the photos in this gallery have to do with military members and their drill sergeants. Having lost his hand in active duty, one sergeant posed for a photo with a fellow soldier. According to that soldier, the sergeant would use his metal prosthetic hand to pinch the noses of recruits as a disciplinary measure. Now that's what I call hands-on teaching. Another soldier posted an old photo of himself smiling in an office while wearing a cowboy hat. "Waited 20 yrs to share this, hope it's safe now," he wrote. "Snuck into drill sgt's office & tried on his hat." Yeah, I think it's safe. 

A different photo shows a window washer dressed as Batman while hanging outside of a children's hospital. I can't think of a better way to use an adult Batman costume. 

But this gallery has memes as well as photos, so make sure to click through and enjoy yourself. You deserve it. 

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