42 Cool Pics and Memes To Start the Week

Another week is upon us and as is customary we've collected some weird and wild images from the World Wide Web to help us get through the slog of Monday. 

We hope you had a restful weekend because you're in for another long week of existing in a world that is designed to keep you down. With all the great innovations the internet has given to the world, like streaming, or food delivery services, memes and funny pics are still at the top of our list of inventions we can't live without. 

So if you have a few minutes today in between meetings, or a moment during your commute, take a break from the world for a few minutes and dive into the bizarre, fun, and lighter side of the news. 

Sit back, strap in, and let your scrolling fingers do the work. You're going to like the way you laugh, we guarantee it. And if not, then sorry, our return policy is once you've seen a meme, there are no take-backsies, and if you don't like it, take it up with corporate. 

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