Tuesday Morning Randomness: 39 Fresh Pics and Memes That Could Use Some Context

Sometimes life is like building an Ikea desk, just because you have the directions, that doesn't mean they make sense (or that you're going to follow them). 

That is the case with this collection of weird and amusing pic we collected from the web. Sure a little context would help, but if you can't guess why two pigs are blocking traffic, then you have more important issues you need to address. 

Obviously, we'd all like to know the story behind why this woman is painted blue, but if we did know, then it would break the illusion. 

So allow us to present you with a choice, a choice that you don't have all the context for. There is a lever before you. The words above the lever read, "Lift bar to create a mass extinction." Do you pull the lever or not? If you choose yes, then no you didn't just Thanos snap all the fish in the sea out of existence, it's a museum display, and that what it's there for, education. 

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