26 Truly Fascinating Photos For a Tour of the Web

We are visual learners these days, and if you want to see something you haven't seen before then there are few better options than a nice collection of cool photos. This gallery features everything from NBA fan behavior warnings to cool perspectives from space. 

Nothing shows you quite how insignificant we are than a nice International Space Station photo. One snap here shows a massive typhoon from above, demonstrating its sheer size and power. Another computer-generated image imagines Jupiter in the moon's place, dominating both night and daytime skies. Were Jupiter to actually replace the moon, however, things could get catastrophic quickly. Effectively, Earth would become Jupiter's moon, and Jupiter's immense gravitational pull would wreak havoc on our tides and tectonic activity. Without enough velocity, Earth would quickly find itself in a decaying orbit, eventually crashing into the gas giant. Not to worry, however, all life on Earth would be long gone before then; cooked by Jupiter's toxic radiation. 

On a cooler note, a photo showing weathered rocks on Mars suggests the presence of water on the red planet at some point, and possibly microbes as well. Check out those, and other cool snaps in this gallery of fascinating photos. 

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