Saturday Morning Randomness: 46 Rambunctious Randoms for a Rad Weekend

To usher you into the weekend, here are some fun randoms in the form of pics, memes, and tweets to keep you company.

Time's 2023 Person of the Year is in the news yet again, but unlike her Eras Tour and relationship with Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift is facing the terrible reality of being a famous woman in the digital age. Two days ago, a Twitter account shared numerous A.I.-generated explicit photos of the international music star, instantly igniting a defensive response from Taylor's massive fanbase. In an effort to dilute the image searches, fans flooded Twitter with positive clips of the singer in interviews or performances, but their efforts also pushed her name to number one on trending. 

Deepfakes and non-consensual explicit AI content is a massive problem online, and one that we've only cracked the surface in trying to stop. Hopefully, Swift's high-profile status might be enough to spearhead an effort to stop this kind of thing in the future. In the meantime, the Twitter account has been suspended, and the man behind it uncovered. 

Hopefully, you enjoy your weekend more than Taylor Swift likely has, and these pics, memes, and tweets can help you do it. 

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