Friday Morning Randomness: 48 Fun and Fascinating Randoms to Kickstart Your Day

Congratulations on making it to the end of the week! Here are 49 fun, fascinating, and fabulous pics, tweets, and memes to help you celebrate. They're always good for a bit of entertainment, and the exact kind of mindless break you deserve. 

Speaking of mindless, a Florida cop recently reported shots fired and himself hit after an acorn landed on his car. He proceeded to unload many rounds into his own squad car, before realizing he hadn't been hit, and the only shots fired were his own. Cops aren't superheroes, but movies about those aren't performing well these days either. 

The Madam Web Spiderman movie starring Dakota Johnson was released on Valentine's Day, but people aren't falling in love with it. According to Rotten Tomatoes, it's the least well-received Marvel release since Morbius, but as one tweet here laments, we won't be able to gaslight this one back into theaters. It's unfortunate that yet another female-dominated superhero movie is doomed to fail, but it's also time we stopped battering existing heroes to death with endless remakes of their powers. Even Spider-Man has its limits. 

Check out 49 fun randoms on those subjects and more in this gallery of pics, memes, and tweets. 

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