Wednesday Morning Randomness: 55 Fantastic and Funny Randoms

Welcome to your midweek extra-large edition of morning randomness, as always featuring a lovely mix of pictures, memes and tweets. Just because you're in the middle of the hardest part of the week, doesn't mean you shouldn't give your brain a little rest and relaxation by scrolling through these satisfying brain tinglers. 

Much to the dismay of boomers everywhere, Facebook went down completely yesterday morning, taking its associate Instagram down with it. It's hard to find something boomers and GenZ can agree on, but when you have influencers and grandmas screaming about the same thing, you know it's a problem. I even got a text from my Mom asking if I'd messaged her anything. (My parents exclusively text me using Facebook Messenger for some reason.) Fortunately, alien Zuck's team worked quickly to get the Meta digital universe back online, and those grandmas stopped worrying about where they'd get their curated viewpoint-affirming news. 

They could have spent their time going to the movies and watching Dune 2, which is now approaching Oppenheimer levels of popularity, but the allure of Timothée Chalamet seems lost on anyone over the age of 25, (myself included). See tweets on those topics, as well as plenty more pics and memes in this edition of Wednesday Morning Randomness. 

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