34 Times The Comments Were Better Than The Post

Not all content can be good content, and sometimes it needs a little help. That's where the comment section comes in, where people have their crack at making the best joke they can based off of what they just saw. Sometimes they do it and sometimes they don't, but this list is dedicated to the comments that were better than whatever they were posted on. 

The first post comes from an account called Nordic Girls, that posts thirst traps from various models of mostly nordic descent, obviously. But they had one post recently that went viral beyond their typical northern and under-stimulated viewer, when they posted a model under the caption "German-Argentinian." If you're not familiar with your post World War II history, I'll just ask you to think about a good place to escape to if you were a German war criminal. 

Speaking of history, one comment is under a YouTube video of "Relaxing World War I Sounds," a play on the typical "10 Hours of Rain Sounds" or whatever other ambient noise study-assist you like. But I'd be willing to bet World War I soldiers in the trenches got some of the worst sleep in history. "Slept like a French soldier who didn't get his mask on time," the comment says.

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